January 16, 2008


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On my last trip to Guyana, I had a wonderful experience. In Guyana there are frequent black-outs. One evening, I was doing something interesting, when the lights went out. I felt disappointment and gloom in the darkness inside, so I went outside, in the tropical night, to get some fresh air and to wait until the light returns. Lo and behold ! what a surprise awaited me.

There was no moon that night; the sky was pitch dark; and against that background, looking up into the heavens I beheld its glory. There were myriads of scintillating stars all over the sky; they shone with much brilliance, and appeared to be so low and large, that one could reach up and pluck them. I gazed in wonder, not wanting that spectacle to vanish, but after a few minutes, the electricity came on and only a few stars which appeared dim and high up could be seen.

What a useful lesson I thought from that experience. Stars shine brightest in the darkest night; even so Goodness manifests to a greater degree against the gravest evil; and Character against the direst adversity.

Randall Butisingh


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