January 2, 2008


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I am sometimes complimented for not having wrinkles at my age which is 95, and for having a good skin. Here are some of the things that can be done to ensure healthy skin:

The skin has a natural protective flora which should not be removed. If this is removed, it has to be replaced by artificial means that is by using cosmetics; and when the skin becomes wrinkled, by covering it with makeup which is expensive.

My cosmetic is no cosmetic.

We destroy the natural flora by excessive washing of the skin. Do not wash too much, especially if you are living in the temperate and cold regions. When taking a bath do not use hot water except on very few occasions. Hot water is cleansing, but cold water is a tonic for the skin.

Do not scrub the skin with a rough rag or a brush unless you are doing dirty work like coal mining or scavenging. If soap is used, use a mild soap and do not make too much lather. Desist at times from using soap, just shower with cool water. After a bath do not rub hard with a towel; sap the water off gently or allow it to dry on its own.

Do not expose the skin too long in the sun. Use a hat when in the sun to cover the face. Oil, especially unrefined coconut oil or virgin olive oil is good for the skin, and is much cheaper than cosmetics. If for social reasons, you do not want to use it at daytime, use at night time; or before you get into the bath rub the skin with oil.

If you observe these few hints, you will not have to spend so much money on cosmetics. Some cosmetics have chemicals which the skin absorbs. This is bad for the skin. The skin is an organ of the body. It is the front line of protection and needs to be well taken care of…

There are a few good moisturizers, but why spend money on them when you can keep the skin young and healthy by following natural laws – primitive people have no problem with their skin. Some people are afraid to show their faces in public, because of bad skin, they need to mask them first with cosmetics.

If you follow the natural way, it will be good for you, health-wise and pocket-wise. It will however be bad for the economy, thousands will lose their jobs and manufacturers will have to shut shop.

Randall Butisingh


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