December 31, 2007


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Today, the beginning of another year, let us give thanks to the Almighty for sparing our lives to see the rising of another sun, to enjoy the beauty of His Creation and to be another day with loved ones. And as He has preserved us to see this day, let us make every effort to redeem ourselves. Let us not live in the past for every new day we are given a clean slate. Let us take the opportunity to write Love and Compassion on it. Our Love must be all-embracing. True Love is indivisible. You cannot as Dr. Pandia puts it; cook half of the fowl and leave the other half for laying.

Bear in mind that God sees you as you are and not what you were as fallible man does. He dwells in the everlasting present; What you are in the present moment, when the inevitable comes will take you to judgment. So grasp the present which someone wisely says “is a Present”, and live as if there will be no tomorrow, for there will be no tomorrow. If you are spared another day, it will be another today.

As you know, the world is in chaos; fear and anxiety are everywhere. Man, who has been able to reach the moon and, with his inventions, has been able to conquer time and space, has not, through greed and lust for power, seen his interconnectedness with all nature and that his security lies in the recognition that all men are brothers and should, instead of making war, “beat his swords into ploughshares and his spears into pruning hooks”.

We can, however, if we so desire find that inner peace and remain calm in any storm, if we have FAITH in Him. “A faith that shines more bright and clear. When tempests rage without. That when in danger knows no fear, In darkness feels no doubt.”




  1. randallbutisingh said,

    Dear Sir,

    I read your blogs October 2007 – 4th January 2008.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom, insight, foresight, knowledge, and the experiences of yester year. In some of your writings you came right through as a visionary. I really enjoyed the comments by Eusi, (the sage of Buxton, himself,) about your use of the Suras, the Vedas, and the old Hebrew texts for the upliftment of the human race. Shows that
    you are universal, and reminds me of Tagore, Gibran, the Mahatma, and Mother Theresa in their relationships with our love-starved, suffering, human race. I am delighted and proud to have been one ofyour students, and then my Headmaster/ teacher, at Lusignan Anglican, later Lusignan Government, and our continued relationship to this day.
    I never realised that Guyana was so blessed as to have you AS ONE OF ITS SONS. But ….., what am I saying? You are already a son of the world, a beacon of light, and like the landmark at Chateau Margot, something, (as a human being) to look up to.

    Among some of the sayings that you posted on the walls of Lusignan Anglican, the two that still stand out for me and became a part of my philosophy are “Learning is better than silver and Gold” and “Silence is Golden”. Not silence
    against hatred and injustices, but in a noise-polluted world to which our technology has advanced. It was noted by a great mind that “a prophet is never recognised in his own land” and you may very well fit into that category.

    Thank you for everything, and please tarry a while longer. We want more of you and are always in need of your spiritual food, let your thoughts flow.
    Please include this response/comment in your blog, I want the world to get a glimpse of you through my vision.

    Your chela forever,

    Patanjali Vidyadeo Ramlall,
    son of the late Punee Ramlall, Sicknurse & Dispenser,
    Pln Lusignan Hospital, from the late ’20’s to the early ’40’s.
    January 6, 2008.

  2. randallbutisingh said,

    From: Randall Butisingh (
    Sent: Mon 1/07/08 1:47 AM
    To: Patanjali Ramlall (;

    HI Pat, I never thought you were such a good writer. I appreciate your thoughts of me. I know that they are sincere, but I can, in no way, compare with the great souls you have mentioned. I am , however trying to do my best with the talents He has provided and trying hard to live up to the expectations of all who believe in me.


  3. randallbutisingh said,

    Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 15:43:54 -0800
    From: Stephanie Bowry
    Subject: A good year, yes.

    Dear friend,
    this is your year and I know that you will make the most of it as you have done with other years before. you will use every opportunity to do good; you will let God love the world through you; you will shine; you will be a blessing to mankind; you will glorify God; you will continue to be easy to love and I will continue to love you. May this new year be a good one for you, yes.
    The forwarded message you sent, GOD SAID NO has been a tremendous inspiration to me. I needed that so very much. Thank you.
    God bless you as only He can.


  4. randallbutisingh said,


    Thanks for your compliment; however, it must be returned to
    you. Without you and the rest of the “Family of Teachers” at Lusignan Anglican/Gov’t, where would good writers like Guska, Brahmdeo Persaud, etc, have been? A few outstanding gurus in my era include: the late Headmaster C.G.H (Cyril George Hopkinson) Bryan, (a grammarian in his own right), Chadwick Yearwood, (a teacher’s teacher), Cyril Sarjoo, C.V.C Mercurius, and you, now a “Beacon of Light”. As the maxim goes, (in my own words) ” you can only get what you sow” sometimes become true in quite rewarding ways.

    As for the comparison …… I see in you, the “Universality of Brotherhood” cloaked in your thoughts, just the same as Mother Theresa, Tagore, Gibran, Mahatmaji, no more, no less; please do not construe it as anything else, humility well taken.

    Your chela,

  5. Thank you, my dear, dear friends for those compliments. I will accept them as I know they are sincere and will endeavour to live up to your perceptions of my accomplishments. I will not remember my many failures in life, they are expected from fallible man. I have learnt my lessons from them and will move on with the experiences garnered to try to make worthy contributions to bring about love, harmony and peace wherever and whenever possible. May God bless you all. I thank you for being my friends. Your friendship enriches me more than silver and gold.

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