December 23, 2007


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The world is illusory as a dream in the night.
Listen mind, understand, no one is yours!
Attachment is as dangerous as a fast moving current,
The whole world is washed away by its flow.
The water jar breaks, and is no more.
The leaf falls from the branch.
Just like that, life vanishes from the world.
Listen dear one, realize your true self now!
Do not be lulled by the body’s beauty;
You only have a short sojourn here.
Realize that husband, wife, son, relatives,
Will all some day take their leave.
When your life comes to an end,
No one will be able to come to your rescue.
Those who understand the transience of the body,
Harbour a deep love for the ETERNAL SOUL.
Kabir pursues and harbours such love.
Those who do, sever the noose of death.

Songs of the Divine by KABIR.
translation by J. DAS.

Kabir was an unlettered Mystic Saint of India. All his many poems were done by word of mouth and written by his literate followers. His poems have made such great impressions that scholars are researching them and writing books about them. J. Das, a translator and follower of Kabir is living in Canada.


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