December 14, 2007


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When man realises that he is a component of ALL LIFE, that he is interrelated, interconnected, interdependent; that he is made of the same mud as his fellowman; that the same breath is breathed into him; that he is the Image of God, and that whatever he does to his fellowman, he does to God. He must know that Unity and not divisiveness is the requisite for Peace and Harmony; and that self preservation cannot be achieved by isolation or war.
All men are the same, no matter how different they appear; no matter what talent or talents they possess; all are equal in His sight. All are children of the one God and inheritors of His kingdom. So let all men join hands together in a chain of brotherhood – red yellow, black and white – and see the needs of others as their own needs, and render Service with Sacrifice, for what they do to others, they do to themselves.

Randall Butisingh


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  1. randall said,

    Without question I agree with you. In death we become the same thing but in life we seem to be separated by a kind of willed forgetfulness of death. In our denial of death we create a messy life that is like an out of tune instrument. Every day I live with the shadow of death right behind me…and this is the grandest reminder of my interconnectedness to ALL things. Keep up your beautiful work and life- which is the greatest poetry!!

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