December 10, 2007


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(In my adventure into Hindu philosophy, I was able to gather these thoughts)

The Ocean whipped up by the Wind produces innumerable waves, each with its own individuality – small waves, big waves, mountainous waves –but with the same identity – each the same with its source – the Ocean.

Brahman, the Absolute, the Universal spirit, the One, formless without attributes, sheer Consciousness and Bliss, whipped up by Prakriti (Nature) becomes the many, Jivatma (the individual spirit) in humanity, but in essence, one with the Absolute.), but, the many, in their involvement with Prakriti (Nayure) are deluded into the belief that they are not Atmam (spirit) but the natural body in which they take residence. This illusion that they are separate and not the Source from which they came is the cause of conflict.

It was William Blake the poet who, when asked by a friend if he believed in the Divinity of Jesus replied: “Yes, Jesus is God; so am I and so are you.. This belief from one in the West, in the eighteenth century, was tantamount to sacrilege and heresy. Blake had put his philosophy in a nutshell: “We are all one, interconnected, indivisible, same as the Source from which we came.

Jesus knew that he was God, that He and the Father were One, that man could be the same as He, because man is from the same source and One with that source. “ Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”. Matthew 6:48

The Sufi knew that, when in the peak of his ecstasy he realized: “I am He.”

The Yogi discovered that when in meditation he experienced Samadhi, the state of Union with God.

Ignorance of the Source of our being, the inability to look inward for the answers: “Who am I”? “Whence came I?” and “What is my purpose here?” is causing divisiveness in religion and war among peoples.

Man sometimes forget that his stay in this corruptible shell is only temporary, the blink of an eye in the context of eternity. Death of this body can come at any time, sooner or later; we brought nothing into this world and we can take nothing with us; but that which was never born (the spirit) will never die. So what is the answer to the questions?

The first two is answered above.

Love, unconditional; to serve unceasingly without expectation of reward is the answer to the third. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. In essence our neighbour is our self. Therefore what we do to him we do to our own selves. Life without love is meaningless. According to Mahatma Gandhi, Truth is God and God is Love.

Randall Butisingh


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