November 27, 2007


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If there is light in the soul
     there will be beauty in the person
If there is beauty in the person
     there will be harmony in the house
If there is harmony in the house
     there will be order in the nation
If there is order in the nation
there will be peace in the world.

Chinese Proverb



  1. amelo14 said,

    I find these were truly illuminating. However, I wonder whether the transition from one to the other is smooth. For instance, the movement from the house to the nation seems to me riddled with puzzles. The realm of the private and its mode of operation seems not to be very akin to the public realm of the political. But then again, it could also be that there is not enough light in my soul to follow the progression!


  2. randallbutisingh said,

    Hi Andres, Greetings !

    Thanks for visiting my weblog, I feel honoured. I too, felt as if there was a gap in the thought. It should have been from the house to the village or the community. but I did not think it a big deal, I got the essence of the message.

    However it is the way the Chinese think, no difference between community and nation, all are interrelated, all interdependent.

    Keep visiting my Blog and send me your comments or criticisms. You are welcome.

    Love, Joy and Peace,


  3. amelo14 said,

    Hi Randall!

    Great to hear from you, though I still think that the gap in Chinese thought is very evident in the way China and Tibet seem to be related. The interdependency seems to falter quite a lot there. Though I know you are speaking of Chinese philosophy. The question would be, is there a dangerous tendency in seeking order in such a way that other nations and villages can be endangered?


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