November 26, 2007


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Someone said: “However little we eat, it is a little too much and death is afraid of the hungry (not starved) man.

There can be no doubt that food is the cause of most of the illnesses among civilised people today. These illnesses are unknown to primitive man. The purpose of eating is to sustain life and provide the nourishment which will help man to live a healthy and productive life. We eat to live and not live to eat. Eating is a means to an end and not an end in itself. We pay a heavy price if we do not observe this rule.

Now let us examine how lack of discretion in eating affects the health of the body. Too many people eat, not to satisfy hunger, but for pleasure. Only when the body calls for food should it be taken, and it should be plain and fresh and living – green vegetables, raw or not overcooked, fruits and nuts.
Processed food is not living food and should be avoided.

If we eat when we are not hungry, the digestive juices do not flow properly as they are not ready to work. Note how the mouth waters when you smell or see food when you are hungry. Some people try to stimulate the juices by using condiments which tickle the palate and cause a false appetite which makes them overeat.

Overeating does much harm to the body. It puts a heavy strain on the digestive organs which in time, become impaired. This results in overweight and obesity. Then too many foods are badly mixed – too much starch or too much fat. Saturated fat causes high cholesterol which is a danger to health. Very little water should,or none should be taken while eating as this dilutes the digestive juices, and cold water should not be drunk after eating; it impedes digestion.

All foods should be properly chewed and should, in the case of your not being a raw food vegetarian, should contain enough roughage to stimulate at least one daily movement of the bowels. Oats, not the processed one-minute kind, whole wheat bread and brown parboiled rice are recommended with plenty of green vegetables. Vegetarianism is the best way to go, but it is not possible in all circumstances. White meat from organically reared birds and wild fish can be substituted. Red meat should be avoided.

All meats are acid forming, and if used, the undigested part should not remain in the body too long. It will also be necessary to detoxify the body occasionally by periods of fasting or by taking blended vegetables or fruit juices for a few days.

Boiling and baking are the best ways of preparing foods. Enough water should be taken during the day as this will keep the blood fluid, aiding the circulation and stabilizing the blood pressure. A glass of hot water in the morning and one at night will be of great help to those suffering with very high blood pressure

I have a friend, living today. He is now 82. He has been living entirely for over 60 years on Raw Foods. He has cured a bad stomach, has no need for the doctor and medication. He is a thinker, an educator and a writer.

Randall Butisingh



  1. lyndon said,

    Thank you for sharing these gems of knowledge, which I term “secrets to good health and longevity.”

    What is interesting about these eating habits you outlined is that it has been only in the past few years that health researchers have been discovering and promoting them, whereas you have not only had the knowledge for decades but have applied it as well. As a result, you are living proof that they do work.

    If only these researchers know what a valuable resource they have in you, they’ll surely come knocking.


  2. randallbutisingh said,

    Dear Teacher Randall,

    Thanks for sharing that video on Guyana. Incidentally, that was the same video (by another name) that I had sent you, but you could not open it. Glad you were able to see it after all.

    Hope you are doing well. Your article on “Discretion in Eating” was very interesting and informative. Made copies of it for my own reference and also to share.


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