November 21, 2007


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Dear Friends,

On THANKSGIVING DAY, let us thank the Creator for His bringing us into a world of Wonder, Beauty, Abundance and Opportunity Let us thank Him for the prime necessities which he has given all mankind – air, water and sunlight; for food, clothing and shelter. Let us also thank Him for family and friends, for teachers and spiritual preceptors, and all the dedicated men and women of all walks of life who have made great sacrifices for the liberation of their fellow men; St. Francis of Assisi, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella and Mother Theresa to name a few.

Thanksgiving should not only be on a particular day. It should be everyday. Where would we be if we were deprived of air for only a few minutes. The things we take for granted are our most vital needs. Thanks must not only be given for the so-called good things of life and the good days, but also for the hard times. One becomes stronger, mentally and spiritually after he is burnished in the crucible of Adversity. Our enemy can help us to develop patience,tolerance and generosity by which we can destroy his enmity and make him a friend. Suffering should be used as a woman in travail to give birth to ideas, to creativity, to resourcefulness. The best of music, art and poetry is born from suffering.

There can be no real achievement without suffering. Gold must be burnished before it glitters.

We can also give thanks by sharing our bounty, which Providence has bestowed on us with the needy and the destitute. As we are given, so let us give. Every kind act is a building block for our eternal home. Let us then make this THANKSGIVING DAY a blessing for one and all.

Randall Butisingh a/k Mahashri


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  1. Teresa Galeano Hugentugler said,

    What beautiful thoughts you give us on this eve of our US holiday of Thanksgiving, Mahashri you are always reminding us of our purpose on this earth, and everything you say comes from the heart which is why it is always such a joy to hear and read your messages. They are always about love and resonate in our hearts. May we be fortunate to follow in your footsteps and live a long life dedicated to teaching and loving others. May your day be filled with peace and love tomorrow and always, and may the Universe continue using you as a vessel of his Divine love.

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