November 18, 2007

Thought for Today

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(Taken from Flashes of Light)

The prsent moment is what we are sure we have to live in. The past is no more. We cannot predict the future. We may go along with time for many moments, months, years, decades, but we will surely reach the final moment when, whatever our thoughts our feelings. our actions, we will take to judgment.

The inevitable comes when it may, using as its ally time and circumstance. It behooves us therefore to be prepared at all times. So let us at this present moment send out positive thoughts for mankind. Let us awaken our hearts to love and compassion. Let us forgive any who has hurt us and ask the pardon of those whom we may have hurt, and of God who knows of all our misdeeds. And as we are spared each moment, let us as the scripture says: “store treasures in Heaven where rust and moth cannot corrupt and thieves cannot break through and steal.”

Randall Butisingh.


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  1. Margaret said,

    Very thought provoking.

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