November 2, 2007


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Cimbux Award Speech

Randall Butisingh addresses the CIMBUX Awards Dinner in 2003.

CIMBUX (Committee for the Improvement of Buxton) is an organisation formed by Buxtonians living in the U.S.A. The organisation meets bi-annually for a reunion when Buxtonians from all over the country attend to raise funds for helping education and social services in Buxton, their birthplace in Guyana. Among the activities at the reunion, is the presentation of awards to Buxtonians, who, it is considered, to have made valuable contributions in some sphere of activity to their village.

At the reunion members and others also get an opportunity to display their Literature and Art. Among the prominent Buxtonians who have received awards are Eusi Kwayana, Minister in the 1953 PPP and the Burnham government, Educator and writer; Sir John Carter, QC, KB, CCH, OR, who served in various ambassadorial capacities for his country; Rampersaud Tiwari, a public servant who was Permanent Secretary to a Ministry in the Burnham government; and Lyndon Barton, Senior engineer and an instructor in mechanical and aerospace engineering, author of Mechanism Analysis, holder of four U.S.patents, member of the Society of American inventors and Tau Beta PL. and Artist.

At the 2003 Reunion, Randall Butisingh was given an award for his service in the field of Education. Below is his Award Acceptance Speech for which he received a standing ovation:-.

“Fellow Buxtonians, Colleagues, Brothers, Friends! I am happy to be with you here at this tenth Reunion of CIMBUX. Happier still that I may be able to meet some of my colleagues and friends whom I have not seen for years. How unexpected, that at ninety-one, when I am about to be called to higher service, you have invited me here to provide me with a testimonial.

“I thank you the organizers of this event, and especially the colleague who nominated me for the award. If I were as wise then, as I am today, I would have had occasion to be happier, for along with what is considered the worthwhile contributions I have made to education and the community, I have left things undone and made errors along the way. But if I have been able to help or inspire even one of God’s creatures, I know I have not lived in vain.

“My brothers, fellow Buxtonians, CIMBUX is an idea which to me connotes C – Compassion, I – Integration, M – Memories, B – Brotherhood, U – Unity and X – Excellence. What are we here for but to serve our fellowmen? “The Brotherhood of man’ says Sir Patrick Renison, one of the best governors of colonial Guyana, “is not only a fact of Nature, but a Divine command.” We are not only flesh and bones, mind and intellect, these are transient; we are essentially spirit, a spark of the Divine flame, the Image of God. We are all One. “No man is an island to himself”. We are all pieces of the mosaic which is indivisible humanity. The conduct of any individual can either diminish or enhance humanity.

“CIMBUX is an organization which is nobly conceived. It is not only here to serve, but to project an image which reflects the glory of what has once been the Premier Village in Guyana. Its members must be as salt to savour whatever environment they may find themselves in, and a light to lighten it.

“I leave these thoughts with you, dear brothers and sisters – my sand of time is running out – you may not see me again. Remember that those who bring sunshine in the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. When I was a boy at school, I remembered learning this little poem:

Kindness and love to all I owe,
No other debt doth God allow;
Kindness and love then I must pay
To everybody, every day.

“I thank you for considering me worthy of this award. I will treasure it and let it be a reminder to me and posterity that service with love does not go without reward, even if there is no uttered appreciation or gratitude.

“My final exhortation to you is Unite! For Unity is strength; and remain in the bond of Brotherhood.

“May God bless you.”

Randall Butisingh
11550 NW 20th Street
Plantation Acres
Florida 33323
Telephone 954 474 9082



  1. randallbutisingh said,

    Subject: 2003 Cimbux Award speech
    Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 14:23:10 +0000

    Hi Ranji

    I have just received Cimbux newsletter which was sent by my cousin Keith Easton. Reading through some of the items I noticed that you gave a speech. I would like to take this opportunity in congratulating you and all the other members of CIMBUX in all your endeavours in helping to bring our beloved village of Buxton –Friendship to what it was before. I know it would take years but we have to try our best.

    I should have introduced myself before but I was living at Friendship (not far from you). My mother’s name was Pearl Shortt. We were living next door the Gardner’s (Pumpkin). Your grandmother, Ms Narine was a good friend of my mother (that was in those days). What of Joan, Judith and Jasmine also Sammy. Please give them my regards. My brother, Clinton Shortt is living in New York. I am residing in London. We here in London have our own organisation called, BAFUKA (Buxton & Friendship (UK) Association. We too are trying our best to help the boys and girls of Buxton-Friendship. Speak to you soon.

    Gloria Shortt

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thank you Gloria. I am sorry that it slipped me to reply to your letter which was very interesting.,,I knew your mother and your father well, also your brother Clinton. I am happy to hear that you too, in England, have an organisation that is doing what it can to help our youths in Guyana. May God bless and prosper your work.


  2. […] On behalf of the past presidents, executives and members of CIMBUX, Inc: we would like to extend our deepest sympathy, to his children, grandchildren and all other family members. It was an honor to have his daughter Mrs. Joan Khan and her family accompany him to receive the CIMBUX Education Award in Maryland in 2003.  [see speech here] […]

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