October 31, 2007


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(article written for the press)
Two events which involved sections of the Roman Catholic Church are to be considered of great significance in this critical stage of our modern civilization. They emphasize that religion was made for man, and not man for religion. I refer to the participation of Guyanese Catholics in the Divali celebrations and the stand taken by Cardinal Cushing in the marriage of the widow of the late President J.F. Kennedy.

I expect that these divergences from what is customary and traditional will not go unchallenged by other Catholics who are less tolerant.

Both events and others in the recent past have stressed the point made by the Roman Catholic Archbishop that “if ever we are going to get anywhere in uniting this nation, we have to use all our efforts to live in charity, in love, in mutual respect and esteem for one another.”

Those who suggested that Mrs Onassis be “excommunicated and labelled a public sinner” are like those people of the Bible who brought the adulterous woman to Christ to be condemned, but went away painfully aware of their own imperfections.

Since the time when a Pope refused audience with one of the most illustrious spiritual leaders of the age, Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu, Catholics have come a long way towards tolerance and unity. That Catholics err as all others do, is no fault of the Church. Gandhi, disappointed in not getting audience with His Holiness, felt the presence of Christ when he entered the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Let the world hope that through events like these, The Christian Church and the other great religions will pave the way for Peace and Harmony among the nations of the earth.
Randall Butisingh


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