October 31, 2007


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(a book of my own thoughts)

I call these thoughts “Flashes of Light because they came unbidden in moments of inspiration. Here are some of them:

Man is what he is, at any time, because of the endowments of his Creator and the legacies of his ancestors. He has a two-fold responsibility – to God and his fellow man.

Love is a duty which we owe to the Creator and his creatures.

Love fulfils and transcends the law. Where there is love, there is no need for law.

Adversity is the dark night of the soul in which the stars of Faith and Hope shines brightest.

Aim high, not for the stars which are accessible, but for the sky which is unattainable. In the former, you have the temporary joy of achievement; in the latter, the eternal joy of pursuit.

There is no superior race. There are superior individuals who add lustre to the only race – the human race.

Heaven and hell are not places. They are states of being, and we carry them with us all the time.

The little flower opened with the sun’s kiss. The bee came, took a drop of nectar and left some pollen. The butterfly and the humming bird came, each took and gave in return. Man came; he plucked the flower. The flower perfumed the cruel hand, wilted and died.

Randall Butisingh


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