October 29, 2007


Posted in Poetry tagged at 2:14 pm by randallbutisingh


Let me look my last on you, fair flower
Tomorrow the reaper’s sickle will not spare you,
Each moment of gaze an eternity
Ere your wild beauty perish with the ephemeral grass,
One grateful heart has captured your loveliness
And held it forever.

Let me hold you in my arms, my beloved
And look into your eyes
My silence speaking for my heart
And let me feel your arms close around me
as we kiss,
Two hearts wedded in love eternal.

And you my friend
I need not hold or touch you,
Our kindred hearts forever touch,
An invisible tie that cannot be broken
Binds us to eternity.

Ah Beauty! Ah Love! Ah Fidelity!
Earth is paradise enough.


Lone moments
When the senses give way
to deeper feelings;
When the minds finds solace
in noble thoughts;
When the imagination creates
visions of beauty, of effulgence;
When the soul is loosened
from its prison bond of flesh
and soars like a bird towards infinity;
When the Muse inspires poetry
and send messages to the soul;
Sweet Solitude – timeless moments
of creativity, haven and Heaven.


Like a song bird in a cage
that longs for the freedom
of field and sky and air
So doth the soul trapped by the senses
yearn to soar to infinite freedom;
And, like the song bird
that beats its wings against prison bars
and sings not,
but seeks escape to the world beyond,
So doth my soul strive to break
the bond of senses
and find the freedom of eternity.


I have built my own prison –
brick, by brick
and locked myself in;
There is freedom beyond
but my senses have kept me prisoner,
The fleeting pleasures of the world entice me;
I grasp glittering objects like a child
who longs to hold a toy,
I chase shadows which vanish in the night,
Mist, which disappears with the sun’s kiss
thinking they are real;

Thou only art reality,
Thou only art infinite, eternal;
In Thee, O Mansion of Compassion,
Ocean of wisdom and Love,
is the Freedom that I seek

by: Randall Butisingh (randallbutisingh@hotmail.com)


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