October 28, 2007


Posted in Poetry tagged at 10:35 pm by randallbutisingh

(written in my youth)


O Love, in what hid spot do you abide?
What barrier keeps me from your fragrant side?
If I but knew wherein you are concealed,
I’d hasten now to have my soul revealed.

The years roll on , the seasons come and go,
I search for you in places high and low,
If I but knew in what lone haunts you rest,
I’d hasten now to be your humble guest.

Day after day I look for you in vain,
Your absence fills my lonely heart with pain;
If I but knew your secret hiding place,
I’d hasten now to see and kiss your face.

But still my quest for you shall never cease,
For without you my heart can know no peace;
And when I find you, let this truth be known:
None else but you will I have for my own.



Under this canopy of blue
Remote from the toil and strife
of busy life
I sit and dream in peace.
There in the distance, just within
my gaze
Nature her rich carpet spreads
of even green;
While dotting the sky in
silken loveliness’
White birds fly home to roost.
And as I sit in wordless wonderment,
The tired sun rolls stealthily away
Leaving the new-born moon and
heaven’s multi-eyes to shine;
And with each gust of wind
I feel the breath of God
And hear his voicein each wave’s


The dewy night with cold embrace
Left tears on green earth’s
sorrowing face,
But morning came with cheerful day
And kissed the tearful mists away.


Cherry, Cherry, will you tarry?
I tomorrow, you will marry,
Cherry, Cherry, never leave me
For my heart will broken be.

O my darling! O my fairy!
I will love you endlessly,
Give your heart to me dear Cherry
Blissful all our days shall be.

Yours the gift of sweet compassion,
Yours the soul of true devotion,
Give your hand to me dear Cherry
Faithful to my vow shall be.

Randall Butisingh



  1. Faith Allen said,

    Dear Sir,

    I am so inspired by your bibliography and your poems. Keep up the good work and long may you blog. I try to blog occassionally on mine but yours is prolific. Shows what we can do when we put our mind to it.

  2. goody to shoes said,

    lol nah just kiddin

  3. Geralda Dennison said,

    So glad to have been sent this weblog by a friend in Guyana. Your poem ‘Cheerful Day’ reminded me of one of my favourites – ‘DAWN’ by Afro-American Paul Laurence Dunbar. For those unfamiliar with this poem, here it is:-

    An angel, robed in spotless white,
    Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.
    Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone.
    Men saw the blush and called it Dawn.

    Geralda Dennison

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thanks Geralda for that poem DAWN by the grest Paul Lawrence Dunbar.

  4. Anansha Butisingh said,

    Hi Grandpa,
    Your writing is very beautiful, now I know where I get it from!
    I havent seen you in soo long, I miss you dearly!

    Love you always,

  5. Anansha Butisingh said,

    Please contact me when you can.
    or on Facebook

  6. alpana said,

    i loved your great thoughts

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