October 28, 2007


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(my second slim volume)

Today in my little kitchen garden
I worked among the weeds,
Pulling them up from around
The edible lettuce seeds.

Then while my nimble soil-stained hands
From the rich, loose earth did pull
Two tiny wild flowers stared at me,
Bell-shaped and beautiful.

Entranced, my plucking I stopped,
And gazed at those lovely blossoms glow,
Then out of thanks for my delight,
I left them there to blow.


From my window today
The shimmering dew-dropped grass among,
New-blown lilies I beheld –
Pure in their stately whiteness –
Scenting the morning air with mild perfume.
I gasped in ecstasy at this vision fair,
Then turned and caught my little daughter’s smiling gaze

A twinkling dimple on her rose blown cheek.
I thought:
How like the lily she seems,
Fresh and virginal
With nectar yet unsipped
But fragrantly inviting the bee;
I kissed her lightly on her willing cheek
Like the wind that wafts the lily’s  scent soft and cool.
O joy ineffable!
Flowers and a dimpling smile,
Twin gifts of a day delectable!


Daily he toils
Back bent towards his task,
Sweat glistening on his sun-burnt cheek,
Calloused hands caressing the yielding earth
Around the willing plant,
Tending it as if it were a child,
Watching it grow from day to day,
Happy to note the peeping bud,the blown flower-

Incipient fruit and seed to satisfy man’s need.
O blessed tiller of the soil,
Preserver of our Joy and Hope and Love,,
Be not ashamed of hands soiled with the rotted ordure

That gives health to crops,
Or skin dark-hued by sun and wind!
Have you not earned bread savoured with the salt of sweat?

Are you not co-creator, co-sustainer with Him –
The source of all life –
Making two blades grow
Where grew only one before?
By: Randall Butisingh


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  1. Pam Rowland said,

    I owe my success and accomplishments in life to this great man of humanity who was my teacher and mentor during my early years. He was an inspiration to me then and still is an inspiration to me now. I treasure the memories being a part of your family. Keep on keeping on.

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