October 28, 2007


Posted in Poetry tagged at 1:11 am by randallbutisingh


I Do Not Ask To See Your Face

I do no ask to see your face,
O Love effulgent,
‘Twill be too much for my poor sight;
But as through dark clouds a golden glow
Gives promise of the glory of the sun,
Shed you a tiny ray of your pure light
To penetrate my gloom
And brighten up my hope;
Then with the spark my soul has caught,
I’ll walk with faith the dreary night;
Never fearing when You are the Light.

Love Light

I am happy when I love
Thanks to Him Who is above;
See the love light in my eyes?
True it is Love never dies;
Truth and Love and God are One,
Love remains when all is gone.

Oasis Of Delight

Gold I sought to satisfy my greed,
Power and position to command;
I sought security in things possessing
And happiness in surfeiting.
But I found life a dreary desert
And wealth and power a mere mirage;
Gladdening the eye, only to disappear
And leave the thirst unslaked.

I tried giving to ease the weight of care
that rested on me so heavily;
I gave my gold, my strength, my self
To help my fellow traveller;
“Twas then I found an Oasis of Delight,
Sweet peace and rest beneath the shade
And living waters cool and clear
To slake my thirst for aye.

by: Randall Butisingh



  1. An excellent role model for all Guyanese!
    Belated birthday greetings!
    Regards …

  2. andy johnson said,

    Happy Birthday.
    I was introduced to your blog; will make it a daily read.
    Keep it up!!
    Life begins at 90!!

  3. lyndon said,

    Teacher Randall,

    Congratulations on your new blog. It’s very impressive.

    Reading about your background and your continuing accomplishments, I am sure it will be an inspiration for many. As a matter of fact, having known you personally as my teacher as well as a former colleague, I am not too bashful to admit publicly that not only have you been a great inspiration to me, but you have also had a great influence in the shaping of career, particularly in the artistic area. And for that privilege, I am truly grateful.

    So, it’s my wish that you will be blessed with many more years of good health, and with that your light will continue to shine so all may see your good works…

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