October 26, 2007

Poems Entitled: “LOVE’S LIGHT”

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Poems by Randall Butisingh Entitled: “LOVE’S LIGHT”
Foreword by A.j. Seymour

This selection of poems by Randall Butisingh arose as he informed me, out of an inspiration from the well-known

Helen Keller. Part of the vision of the poet has been stimulated by meditating on the fact that the marvelous world of vision with its colour and beauty is cut off from everyone who is blind. Through this preoccupation with physical sight, the poet evolved to an approach to spiritual insight, and many of his poems celebrate those moments in everyday life when we achieve the vision of sympathetic understanding, or when this vision fails us.

There seems to be a curious blend of Christian and Oriental insights and there are passages where one imagines that he is looking over the head of Tagore rather than St. Francis of Assisi.

Mr. Butisingh speaks with a depth of maturity and experience when he writes;

“I see radiance behind the dark clouds

Beauty in the wrinkled face

Angelic charm in the smile of the child

God’s image in my neighbour.

In the deeper and more reverent moments of meditation, images like these recreate the Gospel of the Good Samaritan.

I look at this sheaf of poems from Mr. Butisingh’s pen as another link in the chain of thanksgiving which rises to a brooding Deity from a grateful earth.


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