October 25, 2007


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As full and free as the breeze that blows,
Such is my love which overflows;
No wall surrounds,no heart enslaves,
No barrier, time or creed enclaves.
It touches all, exempt is none,
Bird, beast and man, God, everyone.


Love touched his eyes,
The scales fell off,
And he beheld the lover Christ
spanning space and time.
Then straightway loosed he his earthly ties
and ran singing in the street;
There he met a beggar for whose rags,
He did his costly robe exchange;
Then turned and clasped the leper to his heart,
Crying, “My brother, my own dear brother!

My heart sings today;
Brightly glows the spark within
clearing my vision
and lighting dim recesses of my soul;
I see radiance behind the dark clouds,
Beauty in the wrinkled face,
Angelic charm in the smile of the child,
God’s Image in my neighbour.
I feel His breath with every breeze that blows
And nectar drink from every stream that flows;
And my heart sings!
For Love touched me when He passed by.


I love you
Not for what I see with my frail sight
which cannot see enough;
Love is not of the senses born
which seek to keep
or give only to possess,
I love you with my soul
for what you are:
God’s Image quickening clay –
A limitless love wanting naught
but giving all –
Happy in its freedom to give
and to be bound to you.


She kissed his furrowed brow
Sweat-begrimed with toil
and fevered with the heat of the day –
A tender sweet kiss
like the soft caressing breeze of sun-kissed seas.
His weariness melted away
like mist before the morning sun;
And for one time-stilled moment
He found his heaven
in the haven of that kiss.

Randall Butisingh


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  1. A kiss is all we need. 🙂

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