October 25, 2007


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Know then thyself, presume not God to scan
The proper study of mankind is man.
– Alexander Pope

Man looks up, sees planets and countless stars. He has been able to reach the moon, satellite of planet earth, 250,000 miles away. His mind is boggled by the vastness of space, and with larger and larger telescopes, he continues to explore this never ending vastness. His universe has a galaxy, the Milky Way, with countless stars. He says that the universe is expanding. Will he be able to find out, before the dissolution, if there are other galaxies which have planets on which life exists and which can be termed universes?

If he can view from the immensity above him, he will see himself as insignificant as a crawling ant on an ant hill. But man is not that. He has vast potentials. He is much more than the corruptible body, the senses, the mind and intellect with which he can think, remember, imagine and analyze. If he constrains himself within these endowments and fails to realize that he is immortal spirit, the Image of God, he will not be able to accomplish that peace and bliss of which he is capable.

When man discovers what he truly is, he will cease to see differencess and see only unity in what appears diversity in creation. He will love others as himself. He will protect living creatures and trees. Because he now sees his connectedness with all life, he will realize his interdependence and will give and share rather than hoard. He will cooperate with Nature, and not disturb its balance by exploiting it to satisfy his greed. He will not litter his environment with garbage, scar its surface, cover it with concrete. He will not pollute the air, the prime necessity of life with the emissions of noxious gases from his factories; he will not pollute the water, the second vital necessity by spewing toxic wastes into streams, rivers, lakes and the oceans.

He will refrain from using the resources of the earth for building weapons of mass destruction, but as the scripture says; “beat his swords into ploughshares and his spears into pruning hooks.” He will seek to make friends rather than enemies – one enemy is enough to cause fear – and he will join with other races and nations around the world in a chain of Brotherhood. If God is Father, all men are brothers.

Randall Butisingh


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