October 24, 2007


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True Love

They say that Love is blind,
But is this true?
Love is not blind but sees
what others fail to see.
Love has three eyes;
Two eyes the surface see;
The third, invisible,
peers through the outer shell
and deep within the soul perceives
Beauty and Bliss and Immortality.
Then Colour, Creed and Race
hold no significance;
For Love transcends, breaks barriers
and sets free.

Marital Love

Those eternal moments,
blissful, serene,
piercing the darkness
of our turbulent life
Like a ray of sunlight
in a storm-cast sky;
Moments when you hold me close
and press your warm lips
against my cheek,
the scent of your hair
stirring my sense;
Moments of transcendence
when I close my eyes
and time stands still;
Would to God I never wake to day
to find such beauty snatched away
and the sky again o’er cast.

Platonic Love

I will not hold you
nor let passion stir the breast,
or soft lips tempt the sense;
I will not seek your close body
for a moment’s bliss,
Which, like the plucked flower
withers in the hand,
or like morning dew disappears
after the sun’s kiss,
For this love seeks to endure,
not to possess.
Then, rather let me reach your soul
and with love’s spark
enkindle love’s pure flame;
So, soul to soul, in quiet bliss,
Find we joy in love’s transcendent kiss;
For love comes not to the mind obsessed,
but to the heart with truth possessed.

by: Randall Butisingh


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  1. Sabrina said,

    Grandpa has a blog? The world has surely gone topsy turvy.

    I’ll check back often!

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