October 23, 2007


Posted in Philosophy, Thoughts tagged , at 5:57 am by randallbutisingh

Every talent we posess, be it art, music, poetry or any other; every bounty we possess, be it health, strength, knowledge or wealth, all are from Him and Him alone.

Each individual is the custodian of his peculiar gift, and should use it in the service of humanity. Refusing to share to the extent that you have received is cheating humanity.

To not send away the hungry beggar who knocks at your door when your larder is full; to clothe the naked, to give shelter to the homeless, and help to the sick and elderly, are all possible if you choose, not to hoard, the bounties of Providence.

Give with love; the more you give, the more will you receive;
the cup of love always overflows

Randall Butisingh


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