October 23, 2007


Posted in Philosophy tagged at 11:53 pm by randallbutisingh

There is interconnectedness and interdependencies in all Nature. Especially at this time, when the world is brought closer together by swift communications, and artificial barriers are of no avail, there is great need for this recognition. If this is not done, there will continue to be conflicts.

The good of society should be this recognition and the need to strive for Unity. Once Unity is established, there will be harmony and peace among mankind and a reverence for all creation.

Consider the loaf of bread, put aside other items of food on your breakfast table! There are thousands of hands from all parts of the world that went into its preparation – the baker, the labourer, the farmer, the artisan, the technician and many others. And if you were to consider the clothes you wear, your shelter and other necessities for your daily life, you will realise how much you owe to Mother Nature and your fellow human beings in all parts of the world, and how grateful you should be to Providence for the means, the materials and the human resources which provide for your daily needs.

The wisdom to understand that all mankind is one will make us see that making friends is the better way for a peaceful coexistence than war, and we will be ready and willing to beat our swords into ploughshares and our spears into pruning hooks.

Randall Butisingh


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